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Spiritual Direction/Companioning
with Joy Carol, Spiritual Director/Companion

There are many ways to explore and progress on your spiritual journey in life. Spiritual direction/companioning can be a very helpful and valuable path to pursue. It can help you to seek wisdom and spiritual truths, to deepen your spiritual life, and to discover ways in which the Divine is present in your life.  It can be a deeply meaningful option for you. Spiritual direction/companioning is about:

* learning from your journey of life
* exploring your longings for wholeness
* deepening your relationship with the Divine
* examining your interactions and activities and finding meaning in them
* looking at ordinary, everyday experiences in your life that are spiritual
* discerning your "call"
* learning how to respect and love yourself and the Divine within you
* practicing forgiveness
* recognizing healing moments in your experiences
* learning to care for your self

For the last twelve years, Joy Carol has been a spiritual director/companion working with people on their spiritual journeys. She holds a Master's Degree in Spiritual Direction from the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church. If you would like to explore this exciting and rewarding way to enrich your life, contact Joy to set up an appointment.